Marriage Resources

Marriage Resources at Pantano

In addition to our marriage ministry resources, we also have a series of articles and online video teachings just for couples that address a wide range of topics from money to communication to a fulfilling relationship. Feel free to read and explore through our full library of resources and gain some insightful, useful applications toward strengthening your relationship.

RightNow Media

RightNow Media is a FREE online video library with thousands of video sessions that can be accessed anytime, anywhere. Inside of this data base are dozens of free resources for married couples. Click one of the graphics below and take at look at just a few of the marriage teachings available on RightNow Media.

Marriage Teaching FC RNMGrace Filled Marriage    Reconstructing Your Love

If you would like to create your account and being gaining access to these teaching and more for free, please fill out a RightNow Media request below.

Marriage Articles

One of the many resources we have here at Pantano for people looking to improve their marriage are resource articles. These articles can be a great way to research current issues facing your marriage.

Marriage Counseling & Assessment

One way we look to improve marriages here at Pantano is through our Peer Counseling as well as the Prepare & Enrich Marriage Assessment. This assessment, along with Peer Counseling at Pantano, is a great way to strengthen your relationship, identify areas of improvement, and even help solve current marital issues. If you are interested in joining Peer Counseling or are ready to take the Prepare & Enrich assessment, contact our Discipleship team member Marci Natale at or call 520-298-5395.

Marriage &Relationship Books