What’s Going on With Your 12th Grader?

Congratulations!  You have a 12th grader! It is time to finish strong in the adolescent journey. In order to do that, let’s take a look inside the mind and heart of your 12th grader.


  • They have developed physically into their adult bodies.
  • Sexual desire is awakened, and the temptation to be sexually active is common.
  • Stress is a very real physical struggle as they work, perform in school, and prepare for
    the future.


The 12th grader may:

  • Begin to be very sentimental as they
    anticipate life change
  • Experience calmer moods than in
    previous years
  • Exhibit impulsive behavior with friends
    and peers
  • Be more capable of taking care of others


  • Integrating both physical and emotional intimacy into relationships begins.
  • Friends that share beliefs, values, and interests are sought.
  • The relationship with parents is more of a support system.
  • They begin to feel freedom to express themselves as individuals.


  • They can handle the responsibility of most service positions in the church.
  • They have much less interest in the student ministry activities and need to be connected to adult activities in the church.
  • They have a greater interest in serving others and in making a difference in the world.
  • Role models are developed that inspire them either toward or away from faith.
  • There is a temptation to “have their fun now” and be responsible later.