What is Marriage Mentoring?

Marriage mentoring is an exciting opportunity for couples to develop a meaningful friendship with a more experienced couple who will lovingly invest in them, offering guidance and encouragement toward a healthy, God-centered relationship.

Marriage mentoring offers personal and practical support for couples in dealing with the adjustments, dilemmas and challenges that married life presents.

Marriage mentoring is not counseling; it is living life together.  As you get to know your mentors, they will serve as experienced guides and role models, provide a non-judgmental perspective, and become a wonderful source of tools and resources.

Who Can Be Mentored?

Mentoring is for any couple, at any stage in their relationship, whether they are:

  • Dating or engaged couples
  • Remarrying couples
  • Newlywed couples
  • First-time parents
  • Stepcouples
  • Empty nesters
  • Struggling  or “stuck” couples
  • Good-to-great couples

Who are Marriage Mentor Couples?

Marriage mentors are couples who have been married long enough to have good experience with life challenges, successes, conflicts and mistakes.

Mentor couples are willing to share their own journey and what they have learned along the way.

They will challenge you to grow, while offering encouragement, support, hope and empathy.

Mentors are great listeners who truly care. By being real and authentic, they create an environment of trust, and give couples permission to share their concerns and to ask tough questions.

They are not perfect, experts, therapists, rescuers or meddlers.  If you allow them, they will build an authentic relationship with you, where you can share, learn and grow.

How Do We Start?

Please complete the Marriage Mentoring Request form.  All of your information is completely confidential.  Once your request has been received, we will contact you with an email confirmation along with details about the next steps in the mentoring process.

Note: If you have registered for our pre-marital program,  you will be assigned to a mentor couple automatically.  Visit our Pre-marriage Process page for more information.