Antichrist, Armageddon, God & Magog, Tribulation, Rapture, Millennium, Israel & the Middle East, 666, 144,000, etc. These are the things people often associate with the final coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. Many are confused. Often times people either over emphasize eschatology or avoid it – neither is healthy for the church. It is a scheme of Satan to confuse us over this issue. Revelation 1:3 promises that reading Revelation will bring a blessing, yet few experience a blessing when tackling the subject of the end times.

The formal name of our study is called “eschatology.” It comes from the Greek words meaning “last things” (escheats) and “word” or “study” (logos). It is the study of the last things or end times or in another sense, an understanding of the future. The New Testament (NT) refers to this as the “last days.” This is a doctrine that we cannot ignore. It is addressed by Jesus and discussed in all but two books (3 Jn. and Philemon) of the New Testament.

The goal here is to give a framework to understand the issues. Remember, all theological systems while answering some questions leaves other questions unsolved – see Deut. 29:29. And there are many views and opinions about the end times. Regardless of our views, we must not make the differences of interpretation of the end times a test of fellowship. The one starting and ending point is this – Jesus is coming again.


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