Spiritual Growth

Sold Out: Renewing Our Vows (Communion)

Jesus invites us to be sold out in following Him. He doesn’t want us to follow Him with just part of our heart. During communion, we remember that Jesus held nothing back. He sold out for us by His complete sacrifice. In communion we declare and recommit our full devotion to Jesus.

Sold Out: The Believer’s Wedding Ceremony (Baptism)

Jesus invites us into a close, intimate committed relationship – a spiritual marriage. Our spiritual wedding ceremony is baptism. In baptism, we make a vow to follow Jesus to the best of our ability. We begin a formal relationship that lasts for eternity.

How to Study the Bible

How do we get the most from what God is trying to say to us through his Word? Here’s a way that helps us be not just hearers of the Word, but people who do what it says (James 1:22). We hear God as we read. This is vital. The problem is that too often […]