How to Fight Fairly

HOW TO FIGHT FAIRLY Jeff Parziale Ph.D., M. Div. “It is difficult not only to say the right thing in the right place, but far more difficult to leave unsaid the wrong thing at the tempting moment.” — George Sala Saying the wrong thing or giving the wrong message, at the tempting moment (wrong time) […]

Marital Ruts

“Marriage is a long journey, and any long journey requires occasionally getting off the road to eat, to fill up the car with gas, or simply to rest. Has your love fallen into a rut? Is your marriage slowly getting buried under the daily routine? What can you do differently to break out of the […]

Is Your Marriage Normal?

If you’re thinking something is missing, check out the six signs of a top-of-the-line relationship. Tim Gardner   I picked up an eye-opening book a few years ago called In an Average Lifetime. Compiling data from a variety of sources, author Tom Heymann provides a wacky list detailing the amount of time that a “normal” […]

Four Decisions Healthy Couples Make

By Jill Savage, CEO, Hearts at Home ( Every Friday is date day for my husband and me. It’s a decision we make in advance. Learning to make advance decisions can be one of the best strategies for protecting your marriage and keeping it a priority. In 28 years of marriage, Mark and I have […]

Marriage Intervention

Marriage Intervention at Pantano We know that sometimes marriages can struggle. We live in a fallen world and in a culture that is frankly not marriage-friendly. So we’ve developed a number of classes and seminars, and trained a group of marriage mentors and peer counselors to help you sort out your issues and strengthen your […]

Marriage Enrichment

Marriage Enrichment at Pantano Our goal is to walk with couples throughout their marriage, providing support, education, encouragement, counseling, mentoring and modeling. We want to assist couples in living out the covenant relationship to which God has called them. Marriage Mentoring Groups Classes or Events Become Marriage Mentors