Care & Support

Resources for Life’s Issues

Pantano Christian Church has complied a listing of resources from support groups to hotlines to websites to books for anyone in need of assistance/help with a particular life issue.¬† Please click on the appropriate category below for more information. Alcohol & Substance Abuse Abuse & Relationship Issues Pornography & Sexual Issues Suicide & Depression Debt […]

Peer Counseling

What is Peer Counseling? Peer counseling is first and foremost a relationship between you and the counselor. It is short-term, solution-focused care in a safe and confidential environment, designed to help you move forward on your personal or family journey. Peer counseling is part of our Care Ministries. Who is eligible? We all have times […]

Negative Mental Traps

A mental trap is any conscious or unconscious thought habit that is not grounded in God or in objective reality and that will consistently create within you emotional disturbance and ineffective behavior.¬† The goals of understanding these traps is to increase¬† awareness of the ways we upset ourselves so you can help yourself and others […]